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...for someone who pointed you towards Jesus.

Often times the person who points us towards Jesus with the most consistency isn't a pastor or a Sunday school teacher or a camp counselor but someone who is in our life on a much more consistent basis. Who has consistently, day after day, pointed you towards Jesus?

Today's post is shared by Registrar Sara.

I had a great pastor growing up. He prepared sermons which were both full of information to engage my academic brain and applicable to real life to keep faith from becoming an exercise in logic. I had youth leaders who volunteers hundreds of hours of time and who sacrificed sleep to load teenagers into vans and take us to conferences and retreats multiple times a year. I had Sunday School teachers who did their best to engage a wide variety of personalities each week as they desperately hoped their coffee would kick in before ours did. I went to camp most summers and had a great time. But for all of these people and experiences, the person who did and continues to most consistently point me towards Jesus is my mom. It didn't matter that dad didn't attend church with us in Sunday, weekly church attendance in our family was not up for debate. Not every question had an easy answer and that was OK. And trying out another church was fine because she was confident that God was so much bigger than the four walls of the church we regularly attended. I am so grateful for her example of faith which has never been about being the center of attention but about living by example.


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