Live Streaming Archives

Someday we will study the great quarantine of 2020 as a defining moment of history.

But first we have to live through it!

During the time social distancing orders are in effect by our local health officials, IOLBC is live streaming each weekday at 2:00 and 3:00 pm.


As of April 14th, we have changed our format to the times below.

At 3:30 PM

Facebook Live

1 Hour of Power

This event is geared towards families with younger kids and is inspired the the famous 2 Hours of Power during our summer family camp program.  During the 15-20 minute broadcast our program team will have a variety of songs, games, crafts, skits, and more to entertain you.  We'll leave you with suggestions to keep the fun going for another 30-45 minutes after we bid you farewell.  

Evenings Around 6:00 pm

Facebook & YouTube

Daily Dose of Jesus

Join us each weekday for a Daily Dose of Jesus from camp staff and camp friends.  These short 2-3 minute videos are designed to bring you a daily dose of Jesus each evening.  These are NOT live videos.

Check out the links below to see our archived broadcasts!