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...someone who gave you the perfect gift.

Be it big or small, handmade or store bought, funny or serious, the perfect gift is the gift which comes at just the right time from just the right person for just the right reason. Often times the gift is made perfect because of who is giving the gift. Who is that person in your life who gave you the perfect gift?

Today's post is shared by Registrar Sara.

I'll admit, I didn't realize I was getting the perfect gift when I got it. At some point just before I went off to college, my grandmother made me a Raggedy Ann doll. She had made lots for her grandkids over the years but had assumed that because my mom had also sewed dolls when I was a kid, I had one sewn for me already. If I did, I have no memory of it. So grandma made me one. Ann has been with me ever since. I'll admit, the days where I still miss her more than words can say, I'll give myself a moment to grab her off the shelf and give her a hug, wishing I could still hug my grandma. I don't care how old you get, sometimes its OK to not 100% outgrow things like a handmade Raggedy Ann doll from your grandma.


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