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...for someone who taught you a skill.

We all have to learn how to do just about everything from someone. Today we are giving thanks for those who have taught us a life skill we have found valuable. From cooking to laundry to power tools, who taught you a life skill you are thankful for knowing how to do?

Today's post is shared by Sara Heutinck, Registrar.

Like most 16 year old’s in the mid-1990’s, I was beyond excited to get my driver’s license and have the freedom to drive myself places. However, before I was let loose on the road, my dad insisted I have a lesson on basic car issue trouble shooting. I had to check the oil, the wiper fluid, put air in the tires, change a tire, and several other tasks. At 16, I’ll admit, I was annoyed. Over 20 years later, I’m so thankful my dad insisted on teaching me such a valuable, practical, life skill I have used many times over.


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