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...for someone who pushed you out of your comfort zone.

While very few people enjoy it in the moment, we can all probably admit to a time when we needed to be pushed a little bit to grow and discover something about ourselves. Today we are giving thanks for those people in our lives who have pushed us outside of our comfort zone at just the right time to help us realize something important about ourselves. Who has given you that perfectly timed push?

Today's post is from Dan Antoine, Director of Programs.

In 10th grade algebra (a class I thoroughly enjoyed...weird, I know), a day came when our teacher (who was also the HS football coach) was out of town. When we sat down in our seats, the substitute proceeded to read a note from Mr. Swanson which went something like this: "Yesterday, we worked on the even problems on page 156. Today, just work through all the odd problems. If you get stuck or have questions, just ask Dan, and he can work through the problem on the board with the whole class." I simultaneously felt super embarrassed and incredibly empowered. We ended up spending most of that class with me going through the problems on the board, but in a way that the other kids actually understood. That day Mr. Swanson pushed me out of my comfort zone, affirming the gift of teaching in me. In part because of that experience, I got my degree in Elementary Education with a middle school math endorsement. Thanks, Mr. Swanson.


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