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...for our favorite artist.

Perhaps it is their ability to turn a phrase or describe a place which your imagination can't help but carry you to. Or maybe they are able to use paint or stone to create something which makes your world more beautiful. It could be their presence on TV or the movie screen captures a character so well you can't help but feel you are catching a glimpse of a historical moment in human history. Whatever their talent, artists have a way of capturing our imagination and letting us escape into a different world for just a moment. Today we are giving thanks for those artists which have made our world just a bit more beautiful because of their contributions to it.

Today's post is shared by Evan Nielsen, YMT.

J. R. R. Tolkien was a masterful author, a legend of creative thought and a precursor to a realm of imaginative thinking that would soon follow. I am thankful for Tolkien, his books and their cinema adaptations have become my favorite. His works have inspired me to be adventurous, perhaps not in the sense of dragon-slaying but to become outgoing and to always look forward to my own unexpected journeys. To Tolkien and the worlds he has made, I am thankful.


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