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...for an example of faith.

While very few of us will ever be formally declared saints by the Catholic Church, we all have someone who has been an example of the faith we hope to have someday. Who has been an example of what it means to live a life of faith for you?

My grandma and grandpa Quam were two of my favorite people in this world. Church wasn’t just something they did on Sunday because they had to, church was just one moment in the week where you paused to be sure you kept God as the primary focus in your life. You never had to search far for their Bibles. They were always close to the kitchen table where they would sit to start their day with Scripture and prayer. They didn’t have to shout or get in people’s faces to share their faith, their lives and genuine love of others were their testimony. It’s been something I greatly admired about them and strive to imitate in my life.


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