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...for a youth leader/youth pastor.

Many of us have spent some time in our teen years attending youth group. From silly games and skits, to road trips for mission trips and retreats, to knowing you had someone who was in your corner praying for you, the youth pastors and volunteer youth group leaders in our churches often provide a space for teens to have memorable encounters with Christ. What youth pastor or volunteer youth leader has impacted your life or the lives of your kids?

The youth pastor who had the greatest impact in my faith wasn’t actually my youth pastor but the youth pastor I volunteered and worked with for 8 years at my previous church in Eden Prairie. Nate Streed has a genuine heart for seeing teens grow in their relationship with Christ. As one of his volunteer youth leaders, I so greatly appreciated his unique desire to discover the gifts of each individual he worked with and his ability to step out of the way to be sure those gifts were maximized. He was the pastor to not only the youth of the church, but to their parents and the volunteer leaders who worked with the youth group. I am forever grateful for his example of true Christian leadership and pastoral care.


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