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...for a valued co-worker.

If you work full time, you likely spend a lot of hours with co-workers. Or at least you did before COVID-19 and you started working from home. Either way, good co-workers can be key when it comes to how much you enjoy your job and your likeliness to stay long-term or start looking for something different. Today we are giving thanks for those co-workers who make the work day a pleasant one.

Today's post is shared by Sara Heutinck, Registrar.

I've worked a rather odd variety of places in my adult life but I always thought it would be great to work full time at a camp. So when I had a chance to work at IOLBC, I couldn't pass it up. And while we are imperfect people and so sometimes get on each other's nerves a bit, I do appreciate my co-workers. Today I want to give a special shout out to our maintenance man, Tim Matz. More often than any of us realizes, he goes the extra mile to help out. From making coffee and building a fire in the fireplace before staff prayer, to answering calls of campers who are locked out of their room or plugged their toilet, Tim quietly goes about getting the work of keeping camp running done. Thanks for being willing to truly "see the need, exceed the need" on a regular basis Tim!


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