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...for a teacher or coach in your teen years.

Junior High and Senior High - the years of the awkward school photos and starting to realize just how big the world really is. From homecoming to prom, from sports teams to debate teams, from Shop class to learning geometry and algebra, our teen years in school are filled with things to learn and experiences to be had. During those years, which teacher or coach do you remember particularly well as someone you connected with, who encouraged you, who enabled you to discover something valuable about yourself?

Today's post is shared by Kristin, our Program Assistant.

I have always been a teachers pet and found joy in helping. There are many teachers that stand out for me but one of them was Mrs. Lippert, who taught Spanish. She was always smiling, filled with excitement for the very thing she was teaching. Thank you for teaching me the joy found in so many cultures and a desire to communicate with others.


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