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...for a teacher from your elementary school years.

Elementary school is a key time of learning the basics upon which the rest of our educational career is built. Elementary teachers not only have to teach their students how to read and write, but also how to go school. Skills like waiting your turn to ask a question, working together as a team, and cleaning up your work station are often learned in our first years of being in school. Which teacher from your elementary school years went the extra mile to make learning fun and memorable?

Today's post is shared by Sara Heutinck, Registrar.

Looking back, third grade should not have been a fun year for me. I was out sick a lot with sore throats and ear aches, I started a chicken pox epidemic in my school just in time for the Christmas holidays, I got glasses, and my mom decided that a home perm was the way to go for my chin length hair. On paper, it was a bit of disaster. But I still remember that year rather fondly. Why? Because I loved my teacher that year. Mrs. Kroger loved doing arts and crafts with her students and I loved the chance to be creative on a regular basis in her classroom. And that made what should have been a horrible year into a great year.


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