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Churches, small groups, youth groups, prayer circles. These and other examples of faith communities are often so important in helping us navigate the struggles of everyday life. These are the people who put on on the prayer list when you are sick, send meals when the new baby comes, and provide the shoulder to cry on when you lose a loved one. What faith community has been an important, tangible example of God's love and provision for you?

Today's post is shared by Sara Heutinck, Registrar.

By some miracle I still marvel over on a regular basis, I got to spend a year living and studying theology in the University of St. Andrews in Scotland. It was a dream come true in so many ways. But it was also, at times, incredibly lonely. I went not knowing anyone and not enjoying new social situations. Thankfully, God connected me early on with a Bible study group called the Fair Ladies of St. Andrews which was made up mostly of women connected to the school of theology and who were not Scottish citizens. These ladies understood the very real struggles of finding a way to make a favorite family dish for the holidays with new ingredients or affordable decorate your place to make it feel like home for a year or two. I can't thank these ladies enough for being my family during an exciting year that found me far from home.


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