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...for a boss or employer.

Studies have shown again and again that workplace environment is a huge factor in employees deciding to stay or leave. Often times, if an employee enjoys their work and rates their workplace favorably, they will stay even when offered more pay at another location. Those at the head of an organization have a huge influence on the workplace environment as they set the tone for the entire organization. What boss or manager have you been particularly thankful for when it comes to the example they set for your workplace?

Today's post is shared by Registrar Sara.

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE working for camp. It is a great place to work. And a big part of why I came to work at IOLBC is because or the respect I developed for Rod when I worked with him at a different camp in North Dakota. But I'm not focusing on IOLBC for this post.

When I was first out of college, I had the honor of working for Father Charles Froehle at St. Francis Xavier church in Buffalo, MN. When you worked on his staff, you were first and foremost a member of his congregation, not an employee. When I would meet with him one on one to talk about the youth ministry program I was trying to build, he would never let me start talking about work until I had updated him on my personal life. He wanted to know how my grandfather's cancer treatments were going and make sure I felt I had ample opportunities to be home with family when he entered hospice. He asked how my parents and siblings were doing. He asked me what God was teaching me and what I was reading in my personal quiet times. Who I was as a person and my faith were way more important than the tasks of ministry I was hired to do. Fr. Charlie was key in forming my belief that ministry is first and foremost about relationship, with each other and with Christ because that is the example he so clearly lived.


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