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Sometimes the Only Thing to Do is Laugh

It's been a crazy couple of weeks. And while I don't mean to minimize anyone's challenges, I think that we have to step back every once in awhile and just laugh at it all. So in that spirit, I offer you some of my favorite COVID-19 memes thus far....

1. Baby Yoda - I'll admit, I haven't seen any Star Wars anything in its completion ever. But I do think the Yoda baby is cute, and I could totally get on board with rebooting 2020 at the moment!

2. I'm not a huge fan of Avocados so I've never been tempted to try and grow one from the pit. However, I may soon be wishing I could grow some of my favorite toilet paper! (Yes, I have a favorite brand of toilet paper! Stop looking at me like I've gone crazy!)

3. We all have them. Those socks who have mysteriously gone from a matching pair to a single annoyance that you wonder how long you have to hold onto before throwing them out. Perhaps they will be a bit more motivated in the next few weeks to stay together as pairs!

4. Just some food for thought....

5. Well, technically it's "distance learning" but we all know what that really means. My prayers go out to all of you trying to help your kiddos learn something with schools being shut down for so long.

6. Personally, I haven't noticed sports being cancelled. I'm not a big sports fan. But I know some of you are having to discover new ways to pass the time.

7. I LOVE Monster's Inc. Couldn't help but laugh at this take off of a code 2319.

8. I generally love to cook. I'm finding I love it less when the option to go out to eat has largely been taken away. I am, however, planning on ordering take out from a local restaurant once week during this just so they can stay in business. PS - Taco House is open and as tasty as ever!

9. Seriously, I have learned I touch my face ALL THE TIME!

10. For those of you who appreciate some grammar humor.

11. Be gentle on yourselves mom and dad. Kids aren't used to suddenly being home all day either.

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