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Resources Update

Hi Everyone

Just a quick announcement to let you know that the "Youth" menu has had some massive updating happening in the last month or so.

If you take a moment to click on it, you'll find the following:

- On the Way Home - A guide for helping you talk to your kiddo after a week or weekend at camp. BONUS - It's easily adaptable to getting quality conversation happening after just about any mountaintop experience!

- Devotions @ Home - Some guides, tips, and encouragement as you or your child strives to establish a regular routine of spending time with God outside of the schedule of camp.

- Links to Age-Based Resources - We have collected some the resources we have liked, or heard great things about, for preschool, elementary school, and teenaged (middle school and high school) youth. These pages will always be shifting and changing as we come across new resources. If you have one you have discovered, we hope you'll drop us a note and let us know about it as we are always on the hunt for more! None of them are, by any means, exhaustive but hopefully you'll discover something new for you and your family!

So what's to come? Great question!

We will be tackling resources for those who are 18+ and entered the world of Adulthood. Young Adults, Single Adults, Married Adults, Parents, and Experienced Adults. So if you have resources meant for adults who are living out their faith, please pass them along to us!

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