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Reading the Gospels - Overview

Welcome to our next featured series: Reading the Gospels!

So often when we are talking with someone who is wondering how to get started reading the Bible we give them the following advice:

"Start with reading the Gospels. It's a good place to start."

Ever wonder why that is? Or have you ever been on the receiving end of that advice and thought is was rather vague and broad?

And then you get into reading the Gospels and you start noticing some repeating stories. Didn't you read about that already? This story seems like it might be the same story as before but some of the details are a little different. So is it the same story or a different story?

While yes, I do believe the Gospels are a good place to dive into reading Scripture because they tell the story of Jesus, this next series is meant to give you a little more guidance with that advice. Why are Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John all considered to be Gospels? Why are there so many similarities? Why are there four smaller books, why not just one big long Gospel with everything all mushed together?

For this series, IOLBC is excited to welcome back former Beyond Ministries Director, Kyle Fever! The first blog of the series will be an overview of what the Gospels are in general and the following blogs will focus on each Gospel in turn to give you a better understanding of each book. We hope you'll enjoy the series and share those posts which you find helpful with others!

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