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Beyond Weekly Relaunch


We know it's been awhile since you've seen the Beyond Weekly Blog. We do apologize for the absence. We've been making some changes and adjustments. We've been doing life and ministry. We've been shoveling snow, remodeling cabins, learning about a new staff members, saying good bye to staff members as God calls them to new things, celebrating marriages, cooing over new babies, and just generally doing life.

And with all that life happening, a regret has been a lack of connection through our Beyond Weekly web presence.

So this spring we sat down, did some evaluating of things, and committed ourselves to have the website relaunched early on in the summer.

What you will see here is a work in progress, as I believe all blogs are in some way or another. Primarily, you'll find:

- A reformatting of our home page to look more like a traditional blog.

- One main blog update per week rather than several.

- Our blogs focusing more on scripture, Christian disciplines, and stories of faith for all ages and stages in life instead of focusing on specific populations.

- A growing library of links to resources we have found helpful and/or which come with high recommendations from trusted partners in ministry.

- Guest bloggers! (At least, that's the plan!)

- A continued commitment and hope to walk along side those who have been to IOLBC for camp BEYOND their time at camp as a support and supplement to their involvement with their local church.

We hope you'll come back and visit us often and share your journey of faith with us from time to time. We also hope that you'll pass along whatever you have found helpful or inspiring. And as always, we hope to see you are camp soon!


IOLBC Registrar

Beyond Weekly Manager

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