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...for someone who cheers you up.

Who, just by thinking of them, brings a smile to your face? Who is that person who you call when your feeling down and need a good laugh? Who brightens your day just because you got to see them and spend some time with them? Today we are giving thanks for the people who cheer us up when we need to smile.

For me, I LOVE being an auntie. Nothing makes me smile more than hearing my nieces on the phone, getting a chance to video chat them, or (and this one is the best) getting a few days to spoil them in person. They are full of life and energy. And they are so stinking funny without even knowing it! After an Easter trip was canceled due to COVID-19, they came to visit over Halloween this year. Each day had so many sweet moments I'll forever cherish. And each visit always has me seriously considering moving closer to them out in the Pacific Northwest.

PS - In this photo, they were being SUPER good about taking turns playing Fruit Ninja on an iPad. The youngest, on the far left, would throw her hands up in the air and cheer each time she died, pass the iPad to a sister, and then run up to someone in the room and exclaim excitedly, "I DIED!" before sitting down to wait her turn again. Such a crazy kid!


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