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...a Sunday School Teacher.

For many of us, we grew up going to church most Sunday's and that included some time in Sunday School classes (or Christian Education classes). Today we give thanks for the many volunteers throughout churches who teach Sunday School classes, confirmation classes, and other programs which help the next generation learn about Jesus! Who has been that person for you or for your children?

Today's post is shared by Kristin Rienhardt, Program Assistant.

I am thankful for Rod Ask, my Jr.High Sunday school teacher. I remember this one time being invited out to his house to play basketball. But, before we played we prayed. This threw me off because prior to meeting Rod and his family, I had never really seen faith lived out away from church activities or services. Rod and his family were and continue to be great examples of walking in faith. This revelation of what it was like to live out faith everyday allowed my curiosity about God to flourish. I am thankful for his family's willingness to share the love they had for Jesus and without that I wouldn't have come to know God the same way.


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