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Parent Resources

It has been said that God designed kids to be super cute when they are little so their parents will feed them and care for them until they are old enough to take care of themselves.  As an additional bonus, the memories of their cute little faces keep them safe when they roll their eyes at you for the 100th time that day as a teenager.  Parenting is rarely truly appreciated by those you parent but the moments where all goes well make all the other moments worth it.


We are IOLBC stand in awe of the responsibility you are willing to take on as parents of the next generation and applaud you on both the good days and the ones where bed time can't come fast enough.  In the midst of everything being a parent means (providing meals, housing, clothing, education, a taxi service, a maid service, a laundry service, conflict resolution), being a Christian parent also means taking on the responsibility to raising your children to know who God is and helping them grow in their faith.  This page is a place where we hope you'll find help when it comes to growing in faith as a family.   

So be reminded that no one, no matter what it looks like, has it all figured out and that each family is unique and different and so requires a special, unique approach that works for them.  Browse the resources we have found that we like. And choose only what will work with your family at this stage in life.

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