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IOLBC Program Themes

Each year we have 3 different major themes in our programming:

         - Summer Theme

         - Fall Recharge Theme

         - Spring Recharge Theme

For each of these themes we develop logos, banners, Bible studies, games, and more!  As we complete each theme, we will be working on the slight modifications needed to make these materials useful in a church setting and posting them here.  Eventually we would like to work backwards into our library of stuff but for now, we are going to focus on our current themes and work forward.

We hope you'll find the growing library useful and let us know how things worked for you.  There is no cost to use any of the printed materials, we just ask that you give credit to IOLBC for the use of them and let us know how they worked.

List of Themes by Date

2019 Summer - Press On

List of Themes by Title

Press On - Summer 2019

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