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Resources for Teens

Navigating the teenaged years can be challenging for both teens and parents.  Smart phones, school, sports, music, friends, and countless other influences compete for the attention of youth during their middle school and high school years.  We hope this page is a resource for teens, and those who work with them, to grow deeper in their faith, make wise choices with their down time, and build community in meaningful ways.


bible word puzzle.jpg

Bible Verse Collect

This app plays similar to many popular word game apps on the market today.  Each level challenges you to create Biblical words from the letters supplied.  Once all the words are found, a Bible verse is revealed.  Collect all the verses and unlock Bible trivia as well.

sheep master.jpg

Sheep Master

A world building game where you have to keep your flock of sheep alive and healthy.  Bible lessons are woven within as your progress though levels.


Get Verses

This is a great Bible memory app.  You select a theme and are given a list of verses to memorize.  Different tools are available to help you memorize the verse and repitition fills up the level circle.  NKJV is the standard used, other version are available for purchase.

guardians of ancora.jpg

Guardians of Ancora

Choose your guardian and run, jump, and flip your way through different Biblical stories and scenes as you work to save Ancora!  Quizzes and mini-games help you deepen your knowledge of the Bible.


Pray as You Go

This app using the principles of St. Ignatius to help give structure and guidance to your prayer time as you work to make intentional prayer part of your daily life.  Features a prayer time for each weekday and one for each weekend.

youversion logo.png


Known as "The Bible App," this popular app contains numerous versions of the Bible in an easily searchable format.  It also features different studies and reading plans to help you get into reading the Bible.


the action bible.jpg

The Action Bible

This unique Bible is designed to immerse the reader in the story of the Scriptures rather than simply display it.  It's a great Bible for those teens who are really into comic books and superheros.  

student life application bible.jpg

Student's Life Application Bible

With lots of teen centered notes, questions to ponder, maps, charts, and overview introductions to each book, this is a great Bible for teens who are wanting to study the Bible in a way which helps them apply it to their daily life.

youthwalk daily devotional bible.jpg

YouthWalk Devotional Bible

This Bible walks teens through the Bible in the format of daily devotionals.  Each devotional is designed to address issues teens are facing in their lives and help them critically think through them from a Scriptural perspective.  

teen study bible.jpg

Teen Study Bible

A classic teen Bible which has been updated to better address the issues today's teens are facing.  Features include: introductions to each book of the Bible, "We Believe" which unpacks the Apostle's creed, and topical indexes for Bible study.

Music & Other Media


IOLBC YouTube Channel

From personal testimonies, to playlists of our current favorite worship songs, to videos about events coming up at camp, our YouTube Channel has a bit of everything for everyone!

proverbs 31 podcast.png

Proverbs 31 Ministries Podcast

Proverbs 31 Ministries' mission has been to intersect God's Word in the real, hard places we all struggle with.  Every episode features a variety of teachings from various perspectives.


Daily Audio Bible

For the majority of history, the stories of Scripture were passed down from one generation to the next audibly.  They were meant to be listened to.  This app helps everyone, including teens, listen to Scriptures while on the go!


Hillsong Young & Free

The branch of Hillsong's music and worship ministry which focuses intentionally on youth and young adults.  Check out their music and keep an eye out for when they visit your corner of the world on tour.

jesus culture.jpg

Jesus Culture

What started as a worship band has grown to include so much more than music.  The website has information about leadership training, conferences, podcasts, and more.

bethel music.jpg

Bethel Music

Based out of California, the music of Bethel Music has likely found it's way into your church's contemporary music services.  Check out their music and keep your eye on their touring schedule.

Discipleship Resources

A work in progress

We are working to have our favorites up soon!

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