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Adults in General

Below are links to resources for any and all adults who are seeking ways to grow in their faith.


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The Holy Post

Hosted by Phil Vischer and Skye Jethani, this weekly podcast invited listeners to think deeper about faith and how the Church is called to be in the world today.  We can't promise you'll always agree but we hope they will always cause you to pause, reflect, and consider the many different ways we all express our Christian faith.


The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill

Produced by Christianity Today, this podcast looks at the story of Mars Hill Church based in Seattle, WA.  How did it go from a small Bible study, to one of the largest mega churches and then collapse seemingly overnight?  If you are seeking to understand the perils of power, conflict, and Christian celebrity in the Church today, take the time to listen!

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5 Minutes in Church History


Do you wish you could study church history but don't have the time or patience for reading long, dense books which unpack it in great detail?  Check out this podcast for quick tidbits of church history to help you gain a renewed perspective on your modern day faith.

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The Bible Binge

What is actually in the Bible and what do we assume is in the Bible?  Take a look at the Bible and what it says as if you are listening to a recap of your favorite TV show!  

New Books and Authors

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Reading While Black

By: Esau McCaulley

"Esau McCaulley combines deep scholarship with an extraordinary ability to communicate with his readers, and his book brings the Bible back to the center of our consciousness on issues of race and discrimination.  Hopefully, it will launch a new kind of conversation around a highly fraught and difficult subject." ~ Sarah C. Williams - Regent College


Whole Hearted Faith

By: Rachel Held Evans

This book is for the doubter and the dreamer, the seeker and the sojourner, those who long for a sense of spiritual wholeness. Through theological reflection and personal recollection, Rachel wrestles with God’s grace and love in an imperfect world, looks unsparingly at what the Church is and does, and explores universal human questions about becoming and belonging.

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