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The Bible. So important. So helpful. So inspiring.
So intimidating. So confusing.


The Bible is important. This is clear. But for whom? Sometimes this is not so clear. And how do we understand it? There are many parts of the Bible that mean something to many people. There are also many parts that are confusing or frustrating. There are many parts that seem to be from another world. Well, in one way all of the Bible is from another world. It was written by people long before us, who lived in a different culture, in a different language that even the best of us as trained Biblical scholars don't even fully understand. Yet we communicate to people in the church that they must read and study the Bible and that it is the book for understanding faith.


On this page you'll find links to content and resources to help better understand the Bible and to give you a place to try and sort through the difficulties, uncertainties, the questions, AND the highlights--all to better understand God. That's the point, anyway.

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