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...for someone no longer with us.

There are some people in our lives to whom we will never be really ready to say good bye. They could live to be well over 100 years old and we still wouldn’t be ready to let them go and still miss them when they are gone. Today we are giving thanks for those who left such a big impact on our lives, we will forever miss them.

In my college years I was incredibly blessed to get to know a young singer/songwriter/musician by the name of Jeremy Erickson. He had a way of turning what I would have left as a journal entry and turning it into a song. He had a passion to tell the story of God working in this world in whatever way God would allow him to. He passed away after complications from a bone marrow transplant nearly 10 years ago already and, from time to time, I can’t help but mourn the loss of the music and books he would have surely written had his lifetime not been cut so short.


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